RF Engineer

Choose to work and live in Santa Barbara! Hike in the mountains and walk along the beach all in one leisurely day. Beautiful Santa Barbara offers some of the finest restaurants, outdoor activities and cultural events year round . If you already live in the Santa Barbara area, come join Spacek Labs where our team members enjoy working with one another while sharing an enthusiasm for participating in the latest scientific technology in high frequency (10-110 GHz) electronics, from design to manufacture.

 Spacek Labs is a small company based in Santa Barbara since 1982. We have a legacy of providing millimeter-wave components and systems from commercial to space-qualified levels and a worldwide reputation for the high performance and quality of our products. Our diverse list of customers around the world include commercial and research institutions, universities, and government.

This RF Engineer position is responsible for managing projects from quoting and designing components and systems, managing in-house manufacturing, interfacing with customers and working on the bench as well.

Along with RF engineering qualifications, the candidate should be good with their hands and have experience working with small, delicate parts that require work under a microscope. Candidate should have some experience with test equipment such as network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal sources and power meters. They should demonstrate accuracy and consistency in their work and a desire to work on new things, as we build a wide variety of products in smaller quantities.  

  • Job Location : Santa Barbara, California, United States
  • Job Type : Full Time