Frequency Synthesizers

Spacek Labs (high frequency) synthesizers consist of a lower frequency synthesizer followed by a frequency multiplier, amplifier and output filter. Step sizes are available down to 10 Hz and switching speeds can be 100 μsec. A simple USB cable to computer interface makes controlling the synthesizer easy. Internal or external reference options are available (typically 10 MHz). DC bias is 12V at 2A typical. Operating temperature range is -20 to +70°C.

Standard Features:

  • 30 to 110 GHz performance (in bands)
  • 100 μsec switching speed

  • Internal or external reference
  • 10 Hz step size
ProductOutput Frequency (GHz)Pout (dBm)Phase Noise @ 100kHz offsetSpurious (dBc)Harmonics (dBc)Step Size (MHz)
FS P/NOutput Frequency (GHz)Pout (dBm)Phase Noise @ 100kHz offsetSpurious (dBc)Harmonics (dBc)Step Size (MHz)
FS-34-36-2034-3620-81 dBc/ Hz-60-601
FS-43-46-1643-4616- 81 dBc/ Hz-60-601
FS-50-60-1350-6013-78 dBc/ Hz-60-601
FS-90-100-1090-10010-75 dBc/ Hz-50-501
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