Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifiers

Spacek Labs Power Amplifiers are available from 10 to 110 GHz with output power in excess of 1 Watt.  Our amplifiers are built using the best components available and assembled with the highest quality of anyone in the industry.  As shown in some examples below, our power amplifiers are delivered with heatsinks along with, when necessary, integrated cooling fans.  

Model SP291-25-37Model SP3015-31-26Model SP351-35-26Model SPU-20-20WModel SPW-10-20

Standard Features:
  • 10 to 110 GHz
  • Output Power in Excess of 1 Watt
  • Balanced Circuitry
  • Compact Size
  • Removable 2.92mm (K) Coax or WG Flanges
  • DC Power 7V to 15V or 5V Regulated
  • Unconditionally Stable
  • Modular Design
  • MIL-Spec or Space-Qual Units Avail.
  • Internal Voltage Regulator

ProductFrequency (GHz)P1dB (dBm)Gain (dB)VSWR (typ)Noise Figure (dB)Connectors
SP P/NFrequency (GHz)P1dB (dBm)Gain (dB)VSWR (typ)Noise Figure (dB)Connectors
Request Your Specifications Here10 to 110 GHz-----
SP2412-15-2318 GHz to 30 GHz23 dBm15 dB2.5:18 dBK(f)
SP2412-15-2718 GHz to 30 GHz27 dBm15 dB2.5:18 dBK(f)
SP224-18-2320 GHz to 24 GHz23 dBm18 dB2.2:16 dBK(f)
SPKKa-35-3018 GHz to 40 GHz31.5 dBm36 dB typ1.5:16 dB typ2.92mm - K(f)
SP224-18-2720 GHz to 24 GHz27 dBm18 dB2.2:16 dBK(f)
SP268-20-2922 GHz to 30 GHz29 dBm20 dB2.5:18 dBK(f)
SP243-24-2923 GHz to 26 GHz29 dBm24 dB2.2:19 dBK(f)
SP266-38-2823 GHz to 29 GHz28 dBm38 dB2.0:18 dBK(f)
SP276-18-2324 GHz to 30 GHz23 dBm18 dB2.2:16 dBK(f)
SP270-18-2724 GHz to 30 GHz27 dBm18 dB2.5:16 dBK(f)
SP3015-31-2623.3 GHz to 37.5 GHz26.5 dBm32 dB2.0:18 dBK(f)
SP282-36-3027 GHz to 29 GHz30 dBm36 dB2.0:18 dBK(f)
SP291-25-3729 GHz to 30 GHz36 dBm27.5 dB2.0:18 dBK(f)
SP302-30-3029 GHz to 31 GHz30 dBm30 dB2.0:18 dBK(f)
SP385-18-2336 GHz to 41 GHz23 dBm18 dB2.5:18 dBK(f)
SP385-18-2736 GHz to 41 GHz27 dBm18 dB2.2:17 dBK(f)
SP385-24-2936 GHz to 41 GHz29 dBm24 dB2.5:110 dBK(f)
SP392-35-3338 GHz to 40 GHz33 dBm34 dBm2.0:1 MAX6 dB2.92mm K(F)
SP394-30-3037 GHz to 40 GHz30 dBm30 dB2.0:18 dBK(f)
SP422-34-2240 GHz to 43 GHz22 dBm34 dB2.5:18 dBK(f)
SP435-35-3140 GHz to 44 GHz31 dBm35 dB2.0:16 dBK(f)
SPU-18-16W40 GHz to 60 GHz14 dBm18.5 dB2.0:16 dBWR-19
SPU-20-20W40 GHz to 60 GHz19 dBm20 dB2.0:18 dBWR-19
SP475-35-28V45 GHz to 50 GHz28 dBm40 dB2.0:16 dBV(f)
SP5816-30-20W50 GHz to 65 GHz17 dBm37 dB2.0:16 dBWR-15
SPV-20-1750 GHz to 75 GHz15 dBm22 dB2.0:16 dBWR-15
SP604-13-12W58 GHz to 62 GHz12 dBm13 dB2.5:17 dBWR-15
SPW-15-1475 GHz to 110 GHz7 dBm15 dB3.0:16 dBWR-10
SPW-10-2075 GHz to 110 GHz20 dBm (Psat)15 dB2.0:18 dBWR-10

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