Spacek Labs Transmitter designs are available in frequencies from 18 to 110 GHz. Our Transmitters are offered in bandwidths spanning a frequency range from less than 1 GHz to full waveguide bandwidths. An integral RF High or Low Pass filter is used to reject the unwanted sideband. While we offer a lineup of standard Transmitter designs, we more often are designing and building systems to meet our customers needs whether those needs are to fit their electrical, mechanical or pricing requirements. The Spacek Labs advantage is not only in performance but also in our ability to build the system that meets your needs. Whether you would like us to design it with waveguide or coaxial ports, with mounting details or freestanding, NEMA-4X weatherized system or on a plate our engineers can work with you to fulfill your project needs.

Standard Features:

  • RF input 18 to 110 GHz
  • Full or partial band coverage
  • IF to RF gain available

  • Output power to 1 Watt
  • Weatherized NEMA housing available
  • AC or DC input power
  • Image rejection
ProductRFout (GHz)LOin (GHz)IFin (GHz)IF to RF Gain (dB)Pout (dBm)Connectors
TM P/NRFout (GHz)LOin (GHz)IFin (GHz)IF to RF Gain (dB)Pout (dBm)Connectors
Request Your Specifications Here18-11018-110
T6-KPA18-26.5281.5-103520SMA(f) / K(f)
T10-KKaPA18-4029 and 43.52.5-173020SMA(f) / K(f)
T10-KaPA26.5-40444-17.53020SMA(f) / K(f)
T4-4443-45483-5-6-SMA(f) / WR-22
T11-U40-60382-22-8-SMA(f) / WR-19
T6-5550-60482-12-7-SMA(f) / WR-15
T6-6560-70582-12-8-SMA(f) / WR-12
T4-94PA93-95903-51020SMA(f) / WR-10
T6-9590-100882-12-9-SMA(f) / WR-10

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