High-Power Amplifier SP392-35-33

Spacek Labs' solid-state, high-power amplifier, Model SP392-35-33, has excellent performance characteristics from 36 to 41 GHz.  With a saturated output power greater than 33 dBm, it is ideally suited for markets such as 5G.  The unit has a nominal gain of 38 dB with VSWR less than 2:1 using 2.92mm coaxial connectors (waveguide I/O available).   The amplifier requires a bias voltage of +8VDC with 2.4A quiescent current and ~ 4A at 1dB gain compression. It is supplied with a heat sink and DC fans which are removable for integration. Overall size without the heat sink is 1.70 x 1.54 x 0.31 in. (43.18 x 39.12 x 7.87 mm).