Introducing The Model M80-5X2B E-Band Mixer by Spacek Labs, Inc.

Spacek Labs model M80-5X2B is an E-band mixer covering the two radio bands of 71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz. The mixer includes  an integrated LO doubler, so that the customer need only supply a 39 GHz source with +16 dBm of power. Spacek Labs can also supply a phase-locked source with the assembly. The conversion loss over the band is 6 dB typ and 10 dB max, with an IF frequency range of 2 to 8 GHz. The input P1dB is -6 dBm typ, and the bias is +12 VDC @ 10 mA.

Download PDF Overview of the Model M80-5X2B E-Band Mixer