New Waveguide Series 50-75 GHz Broadband Detector – Model DV-2

Spacek Labs millimeter-wave waveguide detector Model DV-2 is a full-band, 50-75 GHz detector. This fullband detector is a very cost-effective way of measuring power in the V-band spectrum. The RF input is WR-15 (UG385/U) and the output is SMA (F). Check out Spacek Labs' full line of millimeter-wave, fullband waveguide detectors here:  

All of these millimeter-wave detectors can be used as fast data rate receivers, with up to 3 GHz bandwidth at the 3 dB point into a 50 Ohm load. Typical input sensitivity is 1500 mV/mW at -20 dBm input power.  Using a 10 megohm load the sensitivity is 1500 mV/mW at -20 dBm input power.  Flatness across the band is ±2 dB with a typical tangential sensitivity of -45 dBm in a 1 MHz video bandwidth.  Maximum input power is +18 dBm.  This detector is available with positive (P) or negative (N) output polarity.