Spacek Labs’ High-Power Amplifier Model SP352-25-38W

The Spacek Labs’ high-power amplifier model SP352-25-38W is a compact, solid-state power amplifier designed for use from 34 to 36 GHz, although it has excellent performance characteristics from 32 to 38 GHz.  It uses a 0/+5VDC control signal to switch the output power at 100nSec typical speed.   With a saturated output power greater than 5 watts (6-7 watts typical) it is ideally suited for communication and radar applications .  The unit has a nominal gain of 35 dB with VSWR less than 2:1 at both input and output ports using 2.92mm coaxial input and WR-28 waveguide output connector.  The amplifier requires a bias voltage of +8VDC with 4.5A quiescent current and ~ 8A at saturated output power.  As with all Spacek Labs’ power amplifiers, this amplifier is delivered with a heatsink and fan assembly to manage heat dissipation.  Higher bias voltages can be used with a larger optional heatsink.


Switching characteristics with blue = trigger and yellow = detected output power (100 nSec includes propagation delay of trigger cabling)