Spacek Labs’ Ka-Band Transceiver Model TRKa-10

Spacek Labs’ Ka-Band transceiver, Model TRKa-10, is a custom assembly featuring a transmit and a receive channel sharing a phase-locked LO chain with a 100 MHz reference supplied by the user at a power level of -3 to +3 dBm. The transmit channel converts the IF signal at 4-17.5 GHz to an RF output at 26.5-40 GHz and has a typical conversion gain of 30 dB.  The RF LPF rejects the upper sideband as well as the LO by greater than 60 dB.   The receive channel converts an RF input of 26.5-40 GHz to the IF output at 4-17.5 GHz and has a typical conversion loss of 8 dB. The downconverter includes an RF isolator and a balanced crossbar mixer. Spacek Labs specializes in custom RF assemblies in bandwidths from 10 to 110 GHz and which are built to our customer’s unique electrical and mechanical specifications.