Spacek Labs’ Transmitter and Receiver Systems T13-59PLO and R59-13PLO/F

The T13-59PLO and R59-13PLO/F units convert (up/down) from an IF frequency of 9 to 16 GHz to a RF frequency of 55 - 62 GHz. The converters utilize an internal LO reference of 71 GHz for conversion. The 71 GHz LO signal is generated using a 17.75 GHz PLO that is multiplied up 4 times. The PLO uses an external 10 MHz reference to achieve lock. The external 10 MHz reference should be injected on the “10 MHz Ref” port at 0 to +5 dBm. The indicator light on the end of the units indicates whether the unit is locked (green) or unlocked (red). When the units are powered on the light should be in one of the above states. It is of vital importance that any connection to the IF ports of either the up/down converter is DC blocked (DC open). Any voltage on this line will damage the internals of the unit. If the IF signal has a DC short to ground, it will cause the units gain to drop. The maximum input level (RF signal) for the down converter is -15 dBm. The maximum input level (IF signal) for the up converter is +5 dBm.