The New Waveguide Series V-Band Bandpass Filter – Model Fc2-625-9

Spacek Labs model Fc2-625-9 is a broadband band pass filter in WR-15 waveguide. This series of filters operate from 18 to 110 GHz in the standard or custom waveguide bands and have bandwidths from 30 to 100% of the waveguide band. These waveguide filters are a combination of our exceptional performance low pass filter technology along with our high pass filter in series, with both filters designed to meet your exacting passband requirements. Model Fc2-625-9 has a passband from 48 to 72 GHz. The lower and upper 20 dB reject points are 45 and 74 GHz respectively. The filter has a rejection of >30 dB out to 110 GHz.  Insertion loss is 1 dB typ and 2 dB max.