W-Band Doppler System – Model DS-940HD

Spacek Labs Model DS-940HD is a cost-effective, Doppler measuring system. The center frequency of the model shown is 94 GHz with +/- 50 MHz of bias tuning. The output power of the DS-940HD is 20 mW at the horn antenna. The Gunn oscillator incorporates a GaAs Gunn diode with an input bias of +4.5 to +5.5 VDC @ 1.0A typ. Heat is dissipated with an integrated heatsink.  This assembly is delivered with a WR-10 horn antenna, an integrated isolator, circulator and a Spacek Labs W-band detector, Model DW-2, to allow real-time Doppler measurements including directional indication. These systems are available from 18 to 110 GHz in all standard waveguide bands. For further product information, our line of  fullband millimeter-wave, waveguide detectors can be found at and our line of millimeter-wave Gunn oscillators can be found at this link