Passive Multipliers


Customizable: Yes

Spacek Labs' passive frequency tripler, Model V-3X, has an input frequency range of 16.67 to 25 GHz generating an output frequency range of 50 to 75 GHz. This is a cost-effective frequency multiplier with similar models available from 18 to 110 GHz in complete waveguide output bandwidths from K-band to W-band. All designs are a balanced configuration to suppress undesired harmonics and are unconditionally stable for any input/output VSWR. To meet your needs, features can be added such as coaxial output adapters and additional filtering. MIL-spec or space-qualified units available.

General Parameters:
Input Frequency (GHz): 16.67-25
Output Freq. (GHz): 50-75
Conv. Loss (dB) (max): 19
Pin (dBm) (max): 18
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