Single Sideband Upconverters (Mixers)

Narrow band or entire waveguide band coverage can be accommodated using either a high or low side LO. We recommend a high side LO to reduce the number of spurious mixing products. These mm-wave units use single-balanced mixers with integrated output filters to suppress the undesired sideband. The units described below are either standard Spacek Labs products or they are special designs produced to specific customer requirements. If you do not see an upconverter that meets your specific needs, please contact us and we can build a mixer to meet your requirements.

Standard Features:

  • 18 to 110 GHz coverage
  • High output P1dB
  • 60 dB sideband rejection

ProductRFout (GHz)LOin (GHz)IFin (GHz)Conv. Loss (dB) (typ/max)SSB Rejection1 (dB)Quick Ship
SSU P/NRFout (GHz)LOin (GHz)IFin (GHz)Conv. Loss (dB) (typ/max)SSB Rejection1 (dB)Quick Ship
M9-K18-26.5325.5-146.0 / 8.550
M10-Ka26.5-40444-186.5 / 8.550
M2-3332.2-33.231.21-25.5 / 6.550
M3-3534-36393-55.5 / 7.060
M1-3736-38402-45.0 / 6.050
M8-4240-44506-106.0 / 7.060
M7-4342-45505-85.5 / 7.560
M6.9-4443.5-45.550.95.4-7.46.0 / 8.060
M2-4746.6-47.645.61-25.5 / 7.550
M10-6055-65505-156.0 / 8.560
M10-9492-96848-127.0 / 9.060
More Single Sideband Upconverters18-11018-110

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