New Waveguide Series 44-51 GHz Active Quadrupler – Model A487-4XW-19

Spacek Labs’ active frequency quadrupler, Model A487-4XW-19, is a frequency multiplier designed for output operation from 44 to 51 GHz.  Requiring only 5dBm input power, it is capable of generating 20 dBm typical output power across the entire frequency range with better than 35 dBc undesired harmonic rejection. This active quadrupler is ideal for use as a driver for subsequent multiplication used in very high frequency communication systems.  Bias for the multiplier is applied as a single positive voltage between +8 and +12 VDC through a solder-pin bias connector and requires 650 mA of current.  It is delivered on a heatsink to manage the required thermal dissipation.